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About us

Lexidy France has a team of lawyers experienced in immigration matters who can help foreign citizens immigrate to France.

Our immigration lawyers in France can provide a wide range of legal services for foreign customers who are interested in working and living in France. We have an experienced team of lawyers in immigration matters like: visas, permanent or temporary residence, citizenship, work permits, and other immigration cases. We offer legal services for immigration to France through our local office in Paris.

Our team

Federico Richardson Alborna

Federico Richardson Alborna is the founder of Lexidy France and alongside his team of experienced attorneys provides legal assistance and support for foreign citizens who want to immigrate to France. Federico is focused on offering top quality services for those who want to relocate their companies in France or immigrate as natural persons in this country, no matter if they are from EU or outside it. We kindly invite you to talk to our French team of immigration lawyers who can guide you throughout the entire visa or residence process.

Eleonore Tavares de Pinho is the Head of the French Office. Eleonore graduated from the University of Sorbonne and the University of Florence and has a five-year dual degree in Italian and French Law. She worked as an attorney in immigration law in order to help people with their legal issues.

Visa for France

Depending on your stay in France, you can apply for a long or short-stay visa for France. It is important to know that French visa policies are not the same for the entire territory. For instance, some citizens might be subject to different vis policies for French Overseas Territories, French Overseas Departments, or Regions or for French European Territory. Citizens from USA, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Venezuela, South Korea or Singapore must apply for a French visa if they want to enter and stay in French Overseas Departments or Regions. One of our immigration lawyers in France can tell you more about the type of visa you need. They can provide legal advice for foreigners wanting to visit or relocate to France.

Temporary and permanent residence in France

Self-employed, workers, or students from non-EU/EEA countries must observe the visa and residence policies of France. The permanent residence is granted at the time you obtain the “Carte de resident”, that allows you to legally live and work in France. You may note that residence permits are available for up to 10 years in France, having the possibility of renewing this status. In the case of a temporary stay in France, a provisional stay permit is issued by the authorities, with a validity of one month. If things change with activities or work you perform in France, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. Feel free to talk to our team of immigration lawyers in France and find out more.

Company relocation in France

Foreign investors who want to relocate the business to France must observe a series of regulations and conditions imposed, mainly in matters of documents. First of all, company owners must de-register the firm in the country of origin and then choose the proper structure for business in France. The whole process of company relocation to France can be overseen by one of our immigration lawyers in France, so feel free to contact us.

Immigration services in France – how can we help?

Legal support is recommended for those interested in visas for France, or other immigration matters. We can provide legal advice on matters like:

  1.  French visa applications
  2.  Temporary or permanent residence in France
  3.  Corporate immigration
  4.  Work permits for foreigners in France
  5. Solutions to immigration issues (visa rejections, etc.)
  6. Student visas for France
  7. French citizenship
  8. Visas for family reunification
  9.  Asylum applications
  10. Humanitarian protection

We invite you to contact our team of immigration lawyers in France if you want more details about French visas and related immigration matters.