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Employee Relocation to France

Employee Relocation to France

Personnel relocation to France is a business decision referring to moving one or more employees from one country to another. This may be needed as part of a company merger, following the decision to close a foreign office, for moving valuable staff to a new business location in France, or for other strategic business purposes.

Our immigration lawyers in France offer complete assistance, as well as solutions for the optimization of transfer whenever companies decide to relocate personnel to France.

The goal behind employee relocation to France is to provide more suitable human resources for the respective company. As a business strategy, it can be valuable for a foreign company operating in France, however, it can also be a valuable business decision for a French company interested in relocating foreign, highly qualified staff to France.

If you are an employer looking for a job in France, our immigration specialists can also answer your questions on residency in France and, in general, on how to relocate to France.

What are the main issues concerning personnel relocation to France?

Employee relocation is a process that requires careful consideration in terms of costs and benefits.

Large corporations can prepare special packages for employee relocation to France that may include all or part of the moving expenses, partial accommodation costs, and a bonus for family support when that employee is relocating with family and he/she will need to resolve additional issues such as schooling.

Working with a relocation company is a common choice to make the move easier and working with a team specializing in immigration in France, such as our own, is preferred to ensure the new foreign employee has the right permits.

What residence permits are available for foreign employees in France?

Foreign nationals can lawfully work in France when they have a suitable temporary residence permit for this purpose. Employee relocation to France takes into account the need to apply for a residence permit. Below, our team highlights some of the most important details about the residence permit for employees who come to France to work with the same international group as their employer:

  • the residence permit for highly qualified employees is issued to those who relocate to France for at least 3 months;
  • the employer belongs to an international group of companies and the individual will be employed in France based on an employment agreement;
  • the salary needs to be 1.8 times the minimum legal wage for a full-time employee; in October 2023, this minimum wage was EUR 1,383, according to INSEE;
  • the long-stay visa issued for a highly qualified employee is issued for a maximum of 4 years, however, its duration depends on that of the employment contract;
  • the application for the employment residence permit in France is accompanied by supporting documentation which also includes a form that the future employer fills in.

The minimum net monthly wage mentioned above is calculated for 35 hours per week, or 151.67 hours per month, after making the deductions for the generalized social security contribution, and the contribution to the repayment of social debt, usually levied on working income in France.

Foreign and local companies taking into account the option of personnel relocation to France need to observe the country’s labor laws, with a focus on employee rights, workplace safety, non-discrimination, and more.

Our team specializes in all matters related to residency in France, as well as citizenship in France. You can rely on our assistance in order to move to France.

Contact our immigration lawyers in France for complete information on employee relocation to France, as well as the renewal of work permits, the employer’s part in filling in the residence permit application, and more.