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Obtain Student Visa in France

Obtain Student Visa in France

Foreigners who want to study in France will have to comply with the policies and requirements for the needed visa in this case. Non-EU/EEA and Swiss students must be eligible for the type of visa they need. In order to smooth the process and to have positive results, we strongly recommend you ask for legal advice and support for the entire student visa application. This is where you can talk to one of our French immigration lawyers and obtain the needed legal support.

Types of student visas for France

French student visas can be obtained depending on the type of studies. Here is what you need to know about the main student visas you can acquire:

  •  The Schengen short-stay student visa – this has a validity of 3 months and it is normally requested by foreigners interested in short-term studies or programs.
  • The temporary long-stay student visa – such a visa allows foreigners to stay in France for no more than 6 months. There is no need for a residence permit in France.
  •  Visa for sitting entrance exams – such a visa is required to take an entrance exam to higher education institutions in France.
  •  Long-stay French visas – this type of visa (VLT-TS) allows foreign students attend to courses longer than 6 months. This will also act as a residence permit in France, being valid for the length of the courses or programs.

Long-stay visas for France can be obtained if foreign students want to attend courses of higher education universities and if they provide details about their academic background, sufficient funds for their stay, and French language knowledge. All the details you need to know about the French student visas can be obtained from our team of immigration attorneys in France. The France student visa can be easily gained if you respect the conditions imposed and if you solicit legal advice.

Foreign students will reside in France on a temporary basis under their student visa. This is equivalent to the duration of their studies, and it can be renewed, provided that the applicant continues his or her studies with a French educational institution. You can have a better understanding of the requirements to obtain residency in France as a student if you discuss your case with our experts.

What is the extended stay research scholar visa in France?

An extended stay research scholar visa can be issued for foreign students who have a master’s degree and are interested in different research projects in France. Among the conditions for obtaining such a status, we mention the hosting agreement issued by the French institution you want to work with, in terms of research and documentation. It is important to note that such an agreement is part of your visa application that must be submitted to the French authorities. If you believe you need such a visa, please feel free to get in touch with our specialists and find out more about the requirements involved.

Conditions for obtaining a French student visa

There are some important visa requirements for foreigners interested in studying in France, and the most important one refers to the acceptance letter issued by the university or college you are interested in. Just like in the case of normal visas, health insurance coverage up to EUR 30,000 is required. The proof of accommodation in France, alongside information about the funds to sustain living in the country during the courses is solicited by the authorities, as part of the student visa application. Moreover, one must show they have a return ticket and a declaration that they intend to go back to the home country as soon as the courses are finished.

Students who move to France can very well decide to extend their stay in the country with another student visa, or with a work visa. Changing the visa type can imply several steps and can be aided by our team of immigration lawyers. You can reach out to us if you are a foreign student looking to remain in France who wishes to know more about the available options.

Students who have remained legally in the country for some years after completing their courses can apply for French citizenship. This is based on their naturalization, for which the length of residence is of primary concern. Along with this requirement, the applicant will also need to have sufficient knowledge of the French language, culture, and history. Our lawyers can offer more details.

Accommodation requirements for students in France

Foreign students who want to stay in university campuses in France will need an official letter issued by the chosen educational institution. Otherwise, if they stay with the family in France, the authorities will solicit a certificate of board and lodging which is normally issued by the town hall in the city they live in. The formalities, in this case, might seem complex, which is why we recommend you get in touch with our legal advisors.

Can I work in France as a foreign student?

Yes, you have the right to work in France as a foreign student, but not exceeding 964 hours/year, due to the length and importance of courses. A valid residence permit for working in France as a foreign student is needed.

We have gathered some facts and figures about students in France provided by statista.com that you might find it motivating:

  •  more than 2.6 million students (including foreigners) enrolled in the French education system in 2018;
  •  around 80% of the individuals of 25 years of age or more achieved upper secondary or tertiary education in France in 2018;
  •  there are more than 620 universities in France.

Foreign students who get married in France to a national can benefit from the accelerated French citizenship process. Our team can give you more details.

Foreign citizens interested in a France visa student are invited to contact our team of immigration lawyers in France for complete legal advice. The student visa application process can be entirely overseen by our legal advisors.