Types of Visas in France

Persons who want to enter France must firstly obtain the type of visa they need, so they can prepare for the application process. Short-stay visas, long-stay visas, or French student visas can be solicited by foreigners who want to visit the country for different reasons. The entire visa application process can be overseen by one of our immigration lawyers in France who can provide legal advice and assistance right away. We can also provide support for gaining the French residence permit, so you can simply address your requests to our team of advisors.

What types of visas are available in France?

Tourist visas, student visas, work visas, and family visas can be issued for foreigners interested in visiting France. One should note that a French tourist visa is available for 3 months. Having such a visa comes with work restrictions, but with other benefits. Because France is part of the Schengen area, this means that tourists can also visit the Schengen countries. Below, you can find information about the conditions and formalities for obtaining a Schengen visa:

  •  the passport must have a validity of at least 3 months beyond the return in the home country;
  •  a health insurance with a coverage of minimum EUR 30,000 available in France and the entire Schengen visa is required;
  •  proof of accommodation in France for the 3 months stay is solicited, as part of the visa application;
  •  information about the return ticket is needed;
  •  the purpose of your visit in France must be stated in a cover letter;
  •  financial information in order to prove you can support living in France is needed.

We remind you that a short-stay visa for tourism purposes will not allow you to work in France. Also, instead of dealing with the visa application formalities, we recommend you talk to one of our French immigration lawyers and solicit legal advice.

Long-stay visas for France

French long-stay visas are valid for 6 months, with the possibility of renewing it prior to the expiry date within 3 months. Just like in the case of short-stay visas, this type of visa also lets foreigners freely travel within the Schengen area. As for the requirements imposed, this will be the same as for most of the visa types available for France, mentioning that the application form offered by the authorities must comprise personal information (name, birthplace, marital status, family, etc.). Long-stay visas will replace the short-stay visas for persons who intend to live in France for more than just 3 months. One should note that long-stay visas can be issued for foreigners who carry out professional activities in France, join family members or attend to specific courses.

Student visas for foreigners in France

Foreign students can attend prestigious universities in France as long as they respect the visa requirements and conditions. Short-stay and long-stay student visas are available for foreign citizens and issued in accordance with the length of the courses in France. The formalities are the same as for most of the visas, except the fact that the university or college will have to provide the letter of approval, as part of the visa application. Moreover, the chosen college or university must provide information about the campus accommodation, if it is the case. Otherwise, if the foreign student will live with the family in France, proof of this kind of accommodation is needed.

French family visas

Joining the family in France as a non-EU/EEA citizen is not complex if the necessary visa is obtained. Short or long-stay visas are normally required in this case, depending on the length of stay in France. The residence permit is then issued by the prefecture, as soon as information about the accommodation in France is offered to the authorities. With the help of our French immigration lawyers, you can receive complete legal services and support for the entire visa application process, regardless of the purpose of your visit to France.

We have gathered information about the population and immigration in France that might attract your attention:

  •  around 66 million is the population in France, according to worldometers.info;
  •  the population of France represents around 0.84% of the total population of the world;
  •  approximately 6.5 million immigrants were registered in France in 2018;
  •  about 110,00 foreigners gained French citizenship in 2018.

All the details about the types of visas available in France can be solicited from our team of immigration lawyers in France. Please feel free to contact our advisors at any time and ask for legal advice.