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Immigrate to France from Vietnam

Immigrate to France from Vietnam

Individuals who wish to immigrate to France from Vietnam will need to follow the general procedure for entering the country based on a visa that suits their plans whilst on French territory. For this, they will need to submit their application in their country of origin, with a French embassy or consulate, and plan their trip accordingly, so as to be able to collect their visa.

The French visa for Vietnamese citizens can be awarded for a number of purposes, and it needs to be in line with the main purpose of stay. This can be for work purposes or perhaps for study or to reunite with a family member who is already lawfully living in France.

If you wish to relocate to France from Vietnam, you can discuss the entire process with our team of immigration experts. Having adequate assistance can be important as this is the way in which you will rest assured that your visa application is accepted. Read this article to find out more about the general entry conditions and how you can remain in the country long-term.

The French visa for Vietnamese nationals

The purpose of the stay is essential when applying for a visa and it not only determines the type of visa (for short stays under 90 days or long stays over 90 days), but also the documents that are needed for the application.

The visa application is commonly submitted online, however, if you wish to move to France from Vietnam and need assistance from Vietnam with this application, our team can help you. The following types of visas can be applied for:

  • Business: for those who are starting a business or jointing an existing one; for the first option, detailed information about the future company and business plan are needed;
  • Employment: a common way to relocate to France from Vietnam is when looking for work; for this to be possible, one commonly secures the employment before arriving in the country;
  • Family reunification: when a family member or spouse is already a French resident, permanent resident or citizen, other family members can apply to join him or her, provided that the relationship can be proved by means of adequate documentation;
  • Study: for a Vietnamese national who was accepted by a French University; in this case, proof of sufficient funds as well as accommodation is required.

Please keep in mind that these are only broadly presented herein. You can also apply for a visa under the Talent Passport scheme, the one reserved for international talents.

Vietnamese citizens who intend to make their stay in France a permanent one will need to provide adequate documentation on their purpose of stay. For many foreign nationals, this will be related to, and conditioned, by employment. The applicant will need to show that he or she has secured employment with a French company before applying for a long-stay visa that can lead to residency in France.

As the process to immigrate to France from Vietnam starts with applying for a visa, we list the main steps below:

Some of the costs that are related to this procedure are the following:

  • 50 euros for the visa application in case of student visas;
  • 99 euros for the visa application for the purpose of job search or business creation;
  • 615 euros proof of minimum monthly income in case of certain types of visas, such as the student ones.

The fees presented above were in force at the time this article was written. You can check these with the help of our immigration experts before you apply for a French visa for Vietnamese nationals.

Visa application steps

Properly applying for the chosen type of visa is essential in order to ensure the success of the application. After having listed the main types of visas above, we briefly list the main requirements below:

  • Gather the mandatory documents: if you want to immigrate to France from Vietnam, you should start by gathering the travel document (passport) as well as 2 recent pictures;
  • Obtain the specific documents: these depend on the chosen type of visa and they can be the acceptance letter to a French University or the employment agreement, or the business plan for starting a company;
  • Pay the fee: the application fees for which we have offered examples above are due upon filing;
  • Submit the application: the documents are submitted in person as scheduled with the consulate or embassy; biometric data is also collected upon the application.

Permanent residency requirements for those who wish to move to France from Vietnam

Remaining in France for long periods of time is possible with the long-stay visa with the obligation to apply for a residence permit or the long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS). When the long-stay visa requires the subsequent residence permit application, this is performed within two months of arrival with the prefecture of the holder’s place of residence.

A Vietnamese foreign national who has stayed in France for at least 5 years has the right to apply for a permanent residence permit.

You can easily follow the steps to relocate to France even if you are not a Vietnamese citizen. Our team will help you check the visa requirements that apply to your nationality and will guide you throughout the application process. Please note that you will be asked to provide certain types of documents and prepare them for final submission, along with the payment of the due fee.

Vietnamese nationals who have been habitually living in France for five years or more can apply for citizenship in France through the naturalization process. As an alternative, those married to a French national can also apply for this status. Certain documents are mandatory in all cases and understanding the complete conditions is useful before starting the procedure. Our team can assist those interested.

Contact us if you wish to know more about the French visa for Vietnamese nationals.