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Immigrate to France from Russia

Immigrate to France from Russia

In order to immigrate to France from Russia, Russian nationals will need a visa to enter France. This applies both to short-term and long-term stays (defined as those longer than 90 days).

The purpose of the stay is important when applying for a visa to relocate to France from Russia and will determine the course of the application, namely, the required documents.

Our French immigration specialists are able to assist you during the application procedure so that you submit all of the needed documents to the French Embassy or Consulate in Russia.

Obtaining residency in France is conditioned by applying for a long-term visa beforehand. This type of visa is required for all stays that exceed 90 days and, for the purpose of relocation from Russia to France, this will be the usual application. Russian businesspeople, as well as Russian employees will need to provide evidence that they have secured their employment or business opportunities in France.

You can read below more about the requirements for entering France. You can always reach out to us if you have a complex situation, are traveling with minor children or other dependent family members and need additional details about how to immigrate to France from Russia.

Types of visas

Several purposes of stay allow Russian (and other foreign nationals) to remain in France for short-term or long-term stays. The long-term stay is preferred for relocation purposes, as it allows the visa holder to remain in Paris or another chosen city for more than 90 days.

The following types of visas are available to those to immigrate to France from Russia:

  1. Work: for Russian employees or skilled professionals who have been employed by a French company; proof of employment is required in this case;
  2. Business: for Russian investors who wish to immigrate to France from Russia for the purpose of starting a company; engaging in self-employed activities is also an option;
  3. Study: for Russians who have been accepted to one of the main French Universities or another educational institution in France;
  4. Family reunification: for those who have a spouse or another family member already lawfully residing in France (conditions apply).

Please keep in mind that the reasons described above are for a long-term private stay. Russian nationals who simply visit France or its territories for tourism purposes will also need a visa to enter, however, this will not allow them to work, study or reunite with family.

Examples of the applicable visa fees include:

  • EUR 99 for long-stay visas;
  • EUR 50 for a long-stay visa for children;
  • EUR 15 for an adopted child;
  • EUR 80 for airport transit visas.

If you already have a visa for France and need details on how to extend its validity or how to change its type, our French immigration specialists can help you.

Visa application guidelines

Applying for a French visa is subject to a set of conditions and approval. Please keep in mind that the French authorities examine each application and decide whether or not to grant the visa.

Our team lists the following recommendations for Russian nationals applying for a visa, when intending to immigrate to France from Russia, or when remaining in the country short-term:

  • you should plan your application in advance, ideally before your purchase the airplane tickets or make other arrangements;
  • the visa-issuing process is longer if you do not submit all of the needed documents; this is particularly true for long-term visas that require special proof of employment or investment, among others;
  • all of your documents in Russian will need to be translated into France; this is done by a sworn translator;
  • once your visa is approved and you move to France from Russia, you will need to follow a number of additional steps, such as recording with the authorities in the municipality in which you will reside.

Our team specializes in assisting foreign nationals who wish to apply for a visa to France, whether for short or long-term purposes. We also assist those who apply for a digital nomad visa.

Foreign nationals from other countries who are also interested in knowing more about how to relocate to France can reach out to our immigration experts. We provide personalized answers to your questions and can evaluate your application file beforehand, thus ensuring that your submission with the authorities is a proper one. You can reach out to us if you are a citizen from a country other than Russia.

Are you a Russian citizen who has been living in France for five years or more? Obtaining French citizenship by naturalization can be an option in your case if you are willing to take this step. Foreign nationals married to a French person or those who are related to a French citizen (as a descendant, brother, or sister), can also apply. Our team can give you more details about the conditions.

Contact us if you want to immigrate to France from Russia.