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Rules for Immigration in Paris

Rules for Immigration in Paris

Moving to France is not a difficult procedure as long as the immigration rules are respected. Paris, the capital of France is often the choice of foreigners who want to relocate to this country and who want to accept jobs in this city. If you would like to know how to relocate to Paris as a non-EU citizen, we invite you to talk to our team of immigration lawyers in France who can provide support for visa and residence matters.

As the capital of the county and also a tremendously vibrant city, Paris is the choice for many foreign nationals interested in obtaining residency in France. Our team can help you with information about the local Parisian authorities you need to make submissions to, as well as guide you through your post-arrival steps. You can reach out to us at any stage during your relocation to Paris.

What type of visa I might need to enter France?

France imposes 10 different types of visas, for several categories of citizens. If you believe you are interested in one of these to enter France and move to Paris, feel free to give us a call and talk to our French immigration lawyers:

As for the fees for visa applications, these range from EUR 15 to EUR 100, but for more details, please feel free to talk to our team of advisors and solicit legal help.

How do I move to Paris as a non-EU citizen?

If citizens from European countries do not need a visa to enter and stay in France, things change for non-EU residents because they need to respect a few immigration rules. For example, they can enter France with a short-stay visa and if the stay prolongs, a new type of visa will be needed. Here are some important conditions to know about the French visas:

  •  A short-stay visa is the same as the Schengen visa and has a validity of 3 months.
  •  A valid passport is needed, containing at least two blank pages.
  •  Proof of accommodation in Paris, international health insurance, and sufficient funds to sustain the living are required.
  •  A copy of the criminal record is also solicited.
  •  Carte de Sejour temporaire is the temporary residence permit in France available for one year. This is issued at the time you move to Paris.
  •  The French visa applications should be made prior to the arrival in France, within a couple of months.

The whole visa process can be attentively handled from a legal point of view by our team of immigration attorneys in France. They can also help you obtain temporary or permanent residence in Paris, so feel free to discuss all the details in time, with our advisors. We can also help those who wish to remain in the country and apply for French citizenship, provided that they have already lived in the country for some time.

The Immigration law that directs to foreign workers

According to the new provisions of the Immigration Law in France, the authorities are trying to attract highly skilled workers as much as possible. Therefore, the procedures of visa applications have been simplified for scientists, seasonal workers, architects, teachers, medical professionals, executives of foreign companies who earn at least EUR 5,000/month, and who come from non-EU/EEA countries.

Immigrants who are interested in remaining in the country indefinitely and applying for French citizenship should know that there are certain rules for this process. Our team can answer any questions.

Visas for foreign students in France

Foreign students who want to move to France and to attend different courses in Paris will have to pay attention to the visa requirements. Besides the ones mentioned above, regarding the passport, accommodation, and personal funds, one should have a declaration issued by the university he/she will attend. The current academic status, plus specific certificates will have to be prepared for the student visa application, reminding that one of our immigration lawyers in France can take care of such aspects from a legal point of view.

Relocating to Paris – short details

If you relocate for work or for business purposes in France and particularly in Paris, as citizens from non-EU countries, you should pay attention to a few aspects before the process:

  •  make sure you apply for the right type of visa to enter France;
  •  find accommodation and prepare a copy of the rental contract for visa application;
  •  make sure you have sufficient funds for your stay in Paris;
  •  if you relocate for work purposes in Paris, a letter of approval from the employer is needed;
  • once the visa is granted, the next step is to obtain the residence permit in France.

With the help of our immigration lawyers in France, you can easily relocate to Paris. Here are some interesting numbers about the population and immigration in Paris;

  • According to statistics revealed for 2019, there are around 11 million citizens living in Paris.
  • 20% of the population of Paris is considered to be of the first generation of immigrants.
  • Growth in the population number of around 0,63% is expected to be registered by the end of 2030.
  • Most of the immigrants in Paris are young and tend to move to the countryside in France after reaching retirement.

You can easily relocate to France for work, business, or study purposes with our help. Whether you decide to move to Paris or another French city, our team will be mindful of your situation, and will present you with the main requirements that apply in your case. If you relocate to Paris, we will be able to guide you during the submissions at your administrative district.

If you would like to know how you can relocate to Paris, feel free to contact our team of immigration lawyers in France.