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Relocate to France from Germany

Relocate to France from Germany

If you wish to immigrate to France from Germany you should know that this is a simple process because both countries are part of the EU and the Schengen Area. This means that you won’t need a travel visa, a short or long-stay visa for relocation to France from Germany. Below you can find information about the relocation steps to France, mentioning that our immigration lawyers in France can offer complete support and legal advice throughout the entire process.

The steps needed to relocate to France from Germany

First of all, it is important to look for a place to stay in France, prior to the arrival of Germany. You can find useful the following details about the relocation to France:

  •  Even though the French authorities do not impose obtaining a residence permit in France, it is recommended to apply for Carte de Sejour (one of the residence permit types) and benefit from the advantages that come with such a document.
  •  German citizens will have to notify the authorities about the relocation to France.
  •  Closing the utility contracts before you move to France from Germany is recommended.

The relocation to France is quite simple because both countries are part of the European Union and Schengen Area. All you have to do is to look for accommodation in time and prepare the relocation by respecting a few simple steps. In the case of German companies relocated to France, a series of formalities in terms of documents will have to be respected. One of our French immigration lawyers is here to offer legal assistance and guidance for company relocation from Germany to France. If you need a digital nomad visa in France, contact us for legal assistance that can also be offered if you want to immigrate to France.

Permanent residency in France, followed by a citizenship application for some individuals, is the final goal for many of those who relocate from Germany. If you would like to work in France on a permanent basis, or if you already have family members or your spouse living in France, you can receive personalized information on how you can also remain in the country as a EU citizen.

How can I relocate my company to France?

The company relocation from Germany to France is not a complex process, however, in terms of documents and bureaucracies, you should address to one of our immigration lawyers in France and solicit assistance. You can also observe a few steps involved in company relocation from Germany to France:

  •  First of all, it important to notify the German authorities about the company relocation to France.
  • Next, you should de-register your company in Germany and then prepare the documents for relocation to France.
  •  The company owners will have to make and sign a statement comprising the intention of a company relocation.
  •  The Certificate of Incorporation, the Articles of Association, and the Certificate of Good Standing are among the necessary documents for the company relocation process.

In order to simplify the company relocation to France, it is best to solicit the legal advice of our French immigration lawyers. They can provide guidance and support for the entire process, in matters of formalities and regulations.

If you simply wish to become employed in France and are a German national, our team can help with information about the residence permit in France.

Other steps to consider when moving to France

German citizens can freely travel within the Schengen area, as there are no border controls and no need for visas, including the case of France. Once relocated to France, German nationals can open a bank account if they intend to work, study, or for any other reasons. In matters of residence permits, the French authorities do not impose to German citizens to apply for such a document, however, it is recommended to have a permit like this and take advantage of a wide range of benefits offered in this country, such as access to medical services, education, etc.

After a minimum period of lawfully living in the country, German nationals can apply for French citizenship. This can be a goal for those who decide to immigrate to France from Germany. They can also do so following marriage with a French citizen, under certain conditions.

We can also guide you through obtaining France residency by investment.

Why relocate to France from Germany?

Even though Germany is one of the top destinations for good standards of living, education, healthcare, business, and many more, some might want to change the environment and look for other opportunities. France can be an ideal choice for German investors who want to develop a wide range of activities in the neighboring country, this is why some entrepreneurs may wish to immigrate to France from Germany. The tax structure, the highly skilled workforce, the permissive legislation, and the complete attention to civil rights are a few of the attributes that describe France in large lines. For some, remaining in the country is an option and they will choose to apply for French citizenship.

We have gathered a few details and facts about the French Economy and business that you might find it useful at the time you decide for relocation to France:

  1.  Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Canada, and US were the main investors of France in 2018.
  2. According to the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank, France ranks 32rd out of 190 economies in the world.
  3. Approximately USD 33 billion was the total FDI stock registered in France during the first half of 2019.
  4.  Around 31% of the French exports are controlled by foreign businesses in France.

German citizens interested in relocating to France are invited to contact our team of immigration lawyers in France. We can provide complete immigration services in France, tailored to the needs of customers of any kind.