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Relocate to France from UK

Relocate to France from UK

Even if UK recently left the European Union, the country is found in the implementation period, meaning that British citizens can enter and relocate to France without needing a type of visa. However, things will change by the end of 2020, as the UK will be considered a third-national country for which visas will be imposed. People interested in how to immigrate to France from UK can address their inquiries to our team of immigration lawyers in France. We can provide complete assistance for relocation as well as advice for those who are already in the country and wish to apply for French citizenship.

 Quick Facts  
Visa requirement to enter France A long-stay visa is required to remain for more than 90 days in France

Types of temporary residence permits

– salaried employment, self-employment or business purposes;

– study, training or au pair;

– family reunification

Documents for temporary residence permits

 – valid passport;

– proof of accomodation and sufficient financial means;

– insurance certificate;

– other documents relevant to the purpose of the stay

Approximate time needed to obtain a temporary stay permit

2 weeks

Residence permits for investors

The “passeport talent” residence permit

Temporary residence permit duration

12 months in most cases

Post-arrival registration with the French authorities

Yes. Report to the relevant authorities (Police, prefecture or sub-prefecture in the area of residence)

UK permit holder can bring dependents to France

Yes. Subject to certain conditions

Facilities for UK nationals married to a French citizen They can settle in France based on supporting documentation
Minimum lawful stay before applying for permanent residence

5 years

Minimum time in the country before applying for citizenship

5 years

Naturalization requirements

– valid residence permit;

– proof of sufficient French language knowledge;

– proof of sufficient knowledge of French history and culture;

– proof of social and occupational integration;

– absence of criminal convictions

Dual citizenship


UK pension available in France

UK workplace pensions can be paid overseas.

UK national taxation in France

– French-source income is subject to a personal income tax rate between 0% and 45%; 

– French residents receiving income from outside the country are subject to reporting requirements.

– UK state pension is taxed in France

Steps in relocating to France from UK

UK citizens enjoy the same conditions, for the moment, just like other European nationals, in terms of free movement within the EU territory. The relocation to France from UK is not a complex, nevertheless, one must pay attention to a few steps involved, like:

  •  You need to look for accommodation in France, prior to your arrival.
  •  The application for residence permits can be made before the relocation or after you settle in France, however, it is not an obligation for the moment.
  •  UK citizens are recommended to close the bank accounts prior to the moment when immigrate to France from UK if they consider these won’t be necessary.
  •  Even utility contracts should be terminated when the relocation process starts.

UK nationals can find multiple reasons to make their relocation to France a permanent one. Acquiring residency in France is the first step for making one’s relocation a permanent one and, in time, even acquiring citizenship if this is in line with the applicant’s wishes. Proper documentation, as well as the timely renewal of the residence permit are essential for relocation purposes.

We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to France.

Do I need a French Visa?

No, for the moment there is no need for a French visa if you are a British citizen. According to the Withdrawal Agreement signed by UK after Brexit, the conditions for moving or visiting EU countries will remain the same until the end of 2020. This year is part of the transition period that allows the UK to settle new rules, conditions, and agreements in terms of immigration and many more. For details about how you can move from UK to France, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyers in France. If you need a digital nomad visa in France, contact us for legal assistance and details about how to immigrate to France.

We invite you to watch a video on the relocation requirements:

How can I relocate a company to France?

The company relocation to France is a simple process that asks for your attention in terms of regulations with the French authorities. First of all, British company owners must de-register the firm in UK and notify the Trade Register in this matter. Second, the company shareholders and the administrators must create a declaration stating the decision of relocating the business to France. The next step involves the French authorities where your company needs to be registered. The Articles of Association, the Certificate of Incorporation, and the Certificate of Good Standing are a few of the necessary documents for the French authorities in charge of company incorporation. All the formalities of company relocation in France can be handled by one of our French immigration lawyers, so feel free to talk to our experts.

Residence permits for UK citizens living in France

British citizens should register with the French authorities if they move to France from UK, however, this is not an obligation. Carte de Sejour is a type of residence permit in France issued for persons with long-stay visas for France. This means that such a document will be needed starting with January 2021, when UK will conclude the post-Brexit transition period. It is important to know that the Carte de Sejour will transform into Carte de Resident if the first one was renewed for more than 3 years in a row. A residence permit in France comes with several benefits, like accessing the healthcare system. All the details and information about the residence permits for UK citizens and non-EU/EEA nationals can be explained by one of our immigration lawyers in France. They can also help you relocate to France from UK.

Our team can also provide assistance for UK nationals who have already been living in the country and are ready to apply for French citizenship.

Reasons to move to France from UK

The work-life balance is for sure on the list of many people who think of relocation. However, some of them have the courage of leaving the country of origin and enjoy a new home that comes with different benefits. It is also the case of France, where there are numerous British citizens working and living in this country and benefiting from a great medical system, prestigious colleges, great job opportunities, and a diversified business market that hosts a large number of foreign companies. The latter enjoy an appealing tax system in France, the support of the double taxation agreements signed by France (UK included), and many other benefits. Here are some facts and figures about immigration in France that you might find interesting:

  1. there are approximately 150,000-300,000 British citizens living in France;
  2.  according to the statistics revealed for 2018, there were around 67 million citizens living in France;
  3.  there were 6.5 million immigrants in France at the end of 2018;
  4.  the French government issued around 256,000 residence permits in 2018.

British citizens who want to relocate to France can contact our team of immigration lawyers in France and find out more details.

We also assist other foreign nationals who wish to relocate to France. Perhaps you are entering France from the UK but are not a British citizen. In this case, our team will evaluate your application and will give you details according to your nationality, residency requirements, and more. You can also reach out to us if you are already in France and can apply for permanent residency.