Retire to France

Retiring to France is often the choice of foreigners who want to enjoy great standards of living and excellent quality of life provided by this country. The conditions are not complex, however, citizens from abroad should pay attention to the general rules for this process, a matter where guidance and legal advice can be obtained from our immigration lawyers in France.

Conditions for retirement in France

The retirement process in France is simple and straightforward, involving basic formalities that can be entirely handled by one of our French immigration lawyers. If you want to retire to France, here are a few important conditions to pay attention to:

  •  A valid passport is required.
  • The application form offered by the French authorities must be completed with personal information.
  • Proof of income to support the living in France is required.
  • Information about accommodation in France is needed.
  • The marriage certificate is also solicited.
  • The long-term residence in a notarized form is part of the retirement process.

Some foreign nationals may decide to remain in the country indefinitely and in this case, applying for French citizenship may be an option.

These are a few of the important conditions referring to documents and other formalities that must be considered by a foreigner interested in retirement in France. The process is simple, but legal advice is recommended, in order to properly prepare all the documents, a case where our immigration lawyers in France can provide legal assistance and support.

How do I obtain the residence permit in France?

The Carte de Sejour is the residence permit in France, a necessary document for foreigners who started the retirement process. This is an important document that needs to be obtained prior to the arrival to France. Just like in the case of a French visa, several documents are solicited by the authorities, among which, proof of the accommodation and funds, medical insurance, and passport-size photos, to name a few. The application can be made at the nearest French Consulate or Embassy in the home country, with the mention that the entire application can be handled by our team of immigration lawyers in France.

Reasons to retire to France

There are many interesting advantages linked to retirement in France, and foreigners have lots of reasons to do so. We present you a few of the reasons why you should retire to France:

  •  The low costs of living – It is a known fact that the costs of living in a country will weigh much for the decision to retire in a certain country. The same thing is available for France, where the costs of living are quite affordable for public transport, medical services, foods, entertainment, etc.
  • Affordable real estate properties – besides Paris which is one of the most expensive capital in the world, the prices for houses in other cities of France are quite affordable. For example, the price for a small farmhouse can start from USD 34,000.
  • Excellent transportation system – the French rail system is well-known in the world, mentioning that TGV is one of the fastest in Europe, connecting not only cities in France but also in Europe. The French highway system connects with Spain, Germany, Belgium, Andorra, Monaco, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, so it is quite easy to travel.
  • A great medical system – the World Health Organization considers that France has one of the best and appreciated health systems in the world. Citizens can benefit from complete emergency services, and free treatments for long-term illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • Great standards of living – Besides the above-mentioned reasons for retirement in France, one should note that the country offers amazing cityscapes, great entertainment, remarkable food and climate, and a good lifestyle overall.

If you want to retire to France, please feel free to get in touch with our French immigration lawyers and find out more about the implications and conditions involved. We can also assist you if you are already retired and living in the country and wish to know more about how to obtain French citizenship.

Taxes for retirees in France

Once retired to France, foreigners will be levied on the pension they earn, no matter if such income is registered in the home country or in France. According to the tax law in France, one should note that:

  1.  The taxes are applied to the worldwide income, as a resident in France;
  2. 41% rate is applicable to the annual taxable income in France;
  3.  A deduction of 10% rate is applicable to household pension incomes of EUR 3,660.
  4.  Inheritance benefits are applicable in France, so, there is no tax for beneficiaries owning up to EUR 152,500.

Foreigners wanting to retire to France can contact our team of French immigration attorneys for legal advice, assistance, and guidance. We can handle the entire process and deal with the bureaucracies involved.