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Immigrate to France from Australia

Immigrate to France from Australia

Australian nationals who wish to relocate to Paris or another French city will need to obtain a visa for France from Australia that suits their purpose of stay in the country. For those who immigrate, this will be a long-term visa that will be issued for employment, study, for opening a business or reuniting with family members, as applicable.

Read below to find out more about the main types of visas, their validity period, and how you can apply if you wish to move to France from Australia.

Visa categories for Australian citizens

Australian citizens who wish to travel to France can apply for a visa with the Consulate General of France in Sydney. There is also the option to apply in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, however, all visa application decisions are made by the Consulate and communicated to the applicant (following a thorough consultation with the French authorities).

A visa for France from Australia can be issued for short or long stays. The following categories apply:

  • Short-stay visas: for no more than 9- days in a 6-month period; these are applied for no later than 15 days before the departure date (and as early as 3 months in advance);
  • Long-stay visas: for more than 90 day-stays in the same 3-month period; the application window is also 15 days to 6 months prior to departure;
  • Airport transit visas: only used for those Australian nationals who intend to remain in the international zone of the French airport;
  • Schengen visa: the short-term visa can also be used to visit other countries in the Schengen space, however, the holder needs to make sure that the main place of stay remains in France.

The usual visa processing time is approximately 15 days, however, we strongly advise Australian citizens wishing to travel to France to prepare their application ahead of this time in order to make sure that they obtain their visa.

Your long-stay visa for France is mandatory if you wish to remain in the country for more than 90 days. Understandably, this will be the visa many Australians will apply for, if they are interested in relocation through work or business opportunities, among other reasons. Obtaining French residency is possible once the applicant has lawfully entered the country and can present the documents for the long-term stay.

The visa for France from Australia fees that were in place, as communicated by the Consulate General of France in Sydney was 80 euros for the short-stay visa that also allows the holder to travel in the Schengen area and 99 euros for the long-stay visa. Please keep in mind that these fees can be subject to change and we advise interested individuals to reach out to our French immigration agents before they submit the application if they wish to know more about the updated fees and any additional steps.

If you wish to relocate to France from Australia and need more details about any of these types of visas, as well as other information for expats, please do not hesitate to reach out to our French immigration experts. Some types, especially those for long-term purposes (depending on the scope of the stay) require particular additional documents and the processing time will vary in these cases, as there will be the need to consult with the French authorities.

Move to France from Australia

Australian citizens who wish to relocate to France for long-term or permanent purposes will apply directly for a visa that allows them to remain in the country for more than 90 days. All visa applications are accompanied by a filled-in application form, a valid passport or travel document (issued in the last 10 years and valid for at least three months after the planned return date from France) and three standard-size photos.

Individuals who wish to immigrate to France from Australia can apply for the following long-term visas that are the equivalent of a residence permit and can be renewed:

  1. Employment: engaging ina professional activity in France, subject to having received an employment offer; certain professions (doctors or teachers) need to meet additional conditions before they can commence their activities; this visa is also issued for following professional training courses in an organization or company;
  2. Business: a visa for France from Australia can be obtained by entrepreneurs who wish to set up a company in the country; they will need to provide the viability of the investment project or, in case of liberal professions, provide proof of sufficient financial resources (for example, the equivalent of the minimum legal wage for full-time employees in France);
  3. Study: for Australian nationals who wish to pursue studies or training in the country; they first enrol with a higher education establishment;
  4. Family reunification: those who already have a spouse or a family member legally residing in France can relocate to France from Australia; in this case, the authorities will assess the family relation and the reason of the stay.

If you want to apply for a visa for France from Australia, our team of French immigration specialists can help you. Contact us as soon as you decide to immigrate to France from Australia and have scheduled your travel to the country to find out more about the needed documents, the processing time and fees as well as other information. If you need a digital nomad visa in France, contact us for legal assistance.

Are you an Australian national looking to obtain French nationality? Remaining in Europe indefinitely presents important opportunities. Moreover, if you have been living in France for at least five years you are likely to comply with the other important requirements for obtaining citizenship in France, such as having sufficient French language knowledge. Our team can give you more details.

Our team assists Australian nationals, as well as all other foreign nationals who wish to move to France. The relocation process is a multi-step one and having a local expert to answer your questions can be a key decision, and one that will help you accomplish the process in due course. With our help, the application for a residence permit will observe all the current requirements.