Obtain Visa for France

Obtaining a visa for France is a straightforward process that can be entirely overseen by one of our French immigration lawyers. There are specific categories of citizens who need to apply for a French visa, mentioning that it also comes with a series of benefits, due to the fact that the country is part of the Schengen area. Our specialist can also help you obtain residency in France, so feel free to address your inquiries to us.

Who needs a visa for France?

Non-EU/EEA citizens must obtain a visa to enter France. There are different visa policies for French Overseas Territories, French Overseas Departments of Regions, and French European Territories. Citizens from Japan, Mexico, US (diplomats, students, journalists), Singapore, South Korea, and Venezuela must first obtain a visa to enter France. As for the citizens from countries like UK, Switzerland, Malaysia, Ireland, Croatia, Australia, Canada, Chile, Bulgaria, Honduras can stay up to 90 days in France without a French visa. One of our immigration lawyers in France can tell you more about the visa regulations in this country.

What is a Schengen visa?

France is part of the Schengen area alongside with countries like Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Austria, Finland, Malta, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, and the Netherlands, meaning that persons obtaining a French visa can freely travel within these countries. There are no border controls between the countries part of the Schengen area. Below you can find out information about how to obtain a Schengen visa for France which is available for 3 months, with the possibility of extension:

  •  The French visa application form must comprise all your personal information (name, birthplace, parents, marital status, family, etc.,).
  •  The passport must have a validity of at least 3 months beyond return.
  •  A travel visa insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 available in France and the entire Schengen area is needed.
  •  Proof of the return-ticket reservation is required.
  • The purpose of the visit in France must be stated in a cover letter.
  •  The authorities will require proof of accommodation for your entire stay in France.
  •  Proof of sufficient funds for the entire stay in France is solicited.

It the case of foreign employees in France, a copy of the employment contract is needed, together with the approval letter issued by the company hiring staff. In the case of sole traders, they will have to offer a copy of the business license, as part of the French visa application. It is recommended to have the support and the legal advice of a team of French immigration lawyers, so you can talk to us at any time.

Visa for business purposes

Foreign citizens who want to visit France for business purposes will need to respect a few important formalities besides the above-mentioned ones. In this case, an invitation letter from the French company you want to visit is required. This will comprise information about the date of the visit, purposes, collaboration, etc. Also, the company you work for will have to issue a certificate stating the business travel. One of our French immigration lawyers can offer in-depth support and legal advice for persons interested in a French visa for business purposes. We can also provide details about the residence permit in France.

Other types of French visas

A French visa for culture, sports, film crew, or religious purposes, for medical purposes and for members of official delegations can be solicited by foreigners wanting to visit France. The purpose of the journey, the duration of stay, official invitation letters, and place of accommodation in France are among the required information solicited by the authorities as part of a visa application. Please note that one of our French immigration attorneys can provide immediate legal advice.

Separate assistance is provided upon request for those who are interested in applying for French citizenship.

Short facts about immigration in France

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic studies provides the following information about immigration in France:

  1.  9.7% of the population of France is made of immigrants;
  2.  about 66.9 million is the population of France, according to the statistics released in January 2019;
  3.  there are around 6.5 million immigrants living in France;
  4.  many foreign nationals applied for a residence permit in France: more than 255,000 such permits were issued in 2018 for foreigners in the country.

Many foreign nationals who relocate to France choose to remain permanently in the country. If this is the case, our experts can provide more details about obtaining French citizenship.

Foreign citizens interested in a French visa are invited to contact our team of immigration lawyers in France for comprehensive legal support and guidance. We can assist you throughout the entire process.