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Obtain Working Holiday Visa for France

Obtain Working Holiday Visa for France

The working holiday visa for France is required for foreigners aged between 18 and 30 years of age who want to visit this country and to work. This kind of visa is valid for one year and it cannot be renewed. There are also exceptions, and our French immigration lawyers can provide comprehensive information and legal advice. We can help throughout the entire visa process, so you are invited to talk to us.

What is a working holiday visa for France?

Besides the above-mentioned information about the French working holiday visa, it is good to note that you can obtain such a visa for touristic purposes and benefit from a work holiday program. In other words, you can visit France with the right to work and increase the incomes to sustain the living until the visa for France expires.

Who can obtain a French working holiday visa?

At the moment France signed specific agreements with 14 countries, such as Brazil, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Uruguay, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Colombia, Taiwan, Chile, and Japan. This means that citizens from these countries can apply for a working holiday visa for France, under specific conditions, including the age requirement. You should also pay attention to the following provisions to understand better the ways in which a French working holiday visa (also known as a long-stay visa) can be obtained:

  •  Candidates with ages between 18 and 30 are entitled to make a visa application.
  •  In the case of Canada, Australia, and Argentina, the maximum age permitted is 35.
  •  Applicants must not have been involved in similar programs before.
  •  Proof of the return ticket is solicited by the immigration authorities.
  •  Candidates cannot bring minor children or other dependents.

Regarding the funds, one should provide information they have sufficient money for the start of the stay until he or she receives the payment for the accepted job. All the details about the eligibility criteria for obtaining the working holiday visa for France can be offered by our immigration lawyers in France. If you need a digital nomad visa in France, contact us for legal assistance.

Where can I apply for a working holiday visa for France?

Citizens of the countries that signed an agreement with France regarding the working holiday visas (WHV) will collaborate with the French Embassies or Consulates, the institutions that accept the visa applications. This is where you can receive the legal support of our French immigration lawyers. One should note that this kind of visa must be activated within 3 months from the date it has been issued.

The agreement between France and Canada

The working holiday visa agreement between France and Canada comprises the same requirements just like the ones with the other countries, except the age requirement. Canadians interested in both visiting and working in France can enjoy the benefits of the working holiday visa (PVT) and apply even if they have 35 years of age, hold a valid passport, and have enough funds to sustain the living for at least one month until they are paid. Not being involved in other similar programs is part of the eligibility criteria for this type of visa for France. Among the benefits of the arrangement between France and Canada, we mention the possibility of extending the visa for another year. Also, there is no fee solicited for this type of visa.

Because the working holiday visa requirements might seem complex for some people, it is suggested to have the support of a French immigration lawyer and start the application prior to the arrival within 3 months. There are many cases in which candidates did not respect the formalities referring to the documents, so many applications have been rejected because of this situation.

A working holiday visa is typically used by foreign nationals who wish to remain in the country for short-term purposes. Those interested in acquiring permanent residency in France will need to apply for a work permit and residence permit that will suit a long-term employment opportunity. If you would like to know more about living in France, most notably, about long-term or permanent stays, you can reach out to our team.

Reasons to visit and work in France

France is for sure a destination that should not be postponed but visited at least once in a lifetime. Besides the attractions and the culture of France, foreigners can easily work in this country and enjoy the salary and benefits packages. The working holiday visa allows foreigners of 14 countries that we mentioned earlier to both enjoy the country as a tourist and also work to sustain the living. We have gathered facts and figures about the immigration and population of France.

  •  approximately 66 million is the population of France, information offered by worldometers.info;
  •  around 9.7% of the French population is represented by immigrants;
  •  more than 110,000 persons gained French citizenship in 2018;
  •  more than 255,000 residence permits have been issued in 2018 in France, according to the French authorities.

The working holiday visa is not typically suitable for those who intend to relocate to France. However, for those foreign nationals who wish to be employed for one year or more, our team can provide details about the available work and residence permits. You can also reach out to us if you wish to remain as a student in France after a working holiday.

A working holiday visa is issued for short-term purposes, however, employees who find that they wish to remain in the country and find medium to long-term employment can discuss their options with our team. For those who plan on remaining in the country, applying for citizenship in France will be possible after a period of at least five years of habitual stay in the country, along with meeting several other conditions.

Persons interested in obtaining the working holiday visa in France can contact our team of immigration lawyers in France.